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My love of photography comes from my dad, Terry McAreavy and his old Nikon from the 1980's. His photos of our childhood and the Pacific Northwest have been a driving force in my journey to create beautiful images my own children will cherish forever. I have found in the process of raising my own children that it's often easy to miss out on the small things when life is so hectic and busy, but being behind my lens allows me to slow down, sit back and watch, to witness the moment and preserve it in time. My love of photography has only grown as my kids have and it has branched out into different areas of interest. I enjoy meeting and working with people of all life stages and am honoured to capture memories for generations of families. 

I also love performance art; especially dance, yoga, my whippets, my family, gardening and exploring the great outdoors. I am inspired by the little moments in life, my two children, the beautiful Westcoast of BC, and the people who live here. <3 

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